Fri.02/27 Poached Salmon over Greens:

House oven poached Wild Salmon with fresh herbs and lemon, served over mixed greens and a homemade tangerine balsamic dressing on the side.  Just $7.95.  Today’s Soups: Buffalo Chicken Soup, Vegetarian Maple Carrot bisque, Corn Chowder.

Thurs. 2/26 French Dip Sandwich

House cooked roast beef served warm on a fresh ciabatta roll with melted swiss and a side of aus jus…..Just $8.25

Today’s Soups:  Spinach, mushroom and artichoke, French Onion, Italian Wedding or Corn Chowder.

We are having technical difficulties during this transition of our phone service and we are very sorry for any inconvenience.  We are open for business, please come on in and have breakfast or lunch (or both)!

Wed.02/25 Smothered Chicken Burritos:

Our house pulled taco seasoned chicken, rolled up in a warm flour tortilla with shredded lettuce, and diced tomatoes, smothered with a spicy southwest sauce and melted Jack cheese. Today’s Soups: Italian Wedding, Corn Chowder, Spicy Chipotle Black Bean, Tomato w/cheese tortellini and spicy Italian sausage.

Tues.02/24 Grilled Spicy Tuna Melt Sandwich:

All white meat solid tuna, ripe tomato, and melted Pepper Jack cheese, grilled on sour-dough bread or your choice.  Just $7.50 Today’s Soups: Chicken Noodle, Potato Leek w/roasted garlic, Chipotle Black Bean, Tomato w/cheese tortellini and spicy Italian sausage.

Mon.02/23 Hot Chicken Dinner:

House roasted lightly curried chicken, with one full thigh and leg, potato and carrots. Just $7.25 Yum!  Today’s Soups: Classic chicken noodle, Potato w/roasted garlic, split Pea w/ham, or cream of turkey w/wild rice.

Fri.02/20 Baked Ham and melted Swiss Sandwich:

Virginia baked honey ham, ripe tomato, melted Swiss and honey mustard dressing, grilled on fresh Mastroianni rye. Just $6.75  Today’s Soups: Cream of Turkey w/wild rice, Tomato w/kale, Split Pea w/ham, or Cream of Mushroom.

Thurs.02/19 Meatloaf sandwich w/mushroom gravy

Our house made meat loaf sandwich served open faced on sour-dough bread with a portobello mushroom gravy and a side of golden french fries. $7.95  Today’s Soups: Cream of Turkey w/wild rice, Tomato w/kale, Chicken Vegetable w/rice, or Vegetarian Lentil.

Wed.02/18 Grilled Chipotle Black Bean Veggie Burger:

Morning Star Farm’s chipotle black bean burger, melted Pepper Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and avocado ranch dressing, served on a toasted kaiser roll.

Just $7.95  Today’s Soups: Chicken Vegetable w/rice, Cream of Mushroom, or Vegetarian Lentil.

Tues.02/17 Grilled Roasted tomato, Spinach and cheese Sandwich:

House prepared roasted tomatoes, sauteed spinach leaves, and 3 cheese blend grilled on our mutigrain wheat bread or your choice. Just $6.95  Today’s Soups: Cream of Mushroom, White Bean Chicken Chili, Vegetarian Lentil w/chunks of butternut squash.



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