Thurs.04/02 Homemade Quiche and a side salad:

Your choice of homemade Quiche  #1 Sauteed spinach, red onion, and goat cheese.  #2 Breakfast sausage, scallion, and Monterey-Jack cheese.  Today’s Soups: Vegetable Broth w/spinach, mushrooms and artichokes, Pork Green Chili, Chicken Noodle, Corn Chowder.

Wed.04/01 Long Island Favorite Chicken Cutlet Sandwich:

Lightlty breaded pan fried chicken cutlet, served on a warm pretzel roll with a honey mustard dressing and muenster cheese. Just $8.25  Today’s Soups:  Classic Chicken Noodle, Vegetarian Broth loaded with spinach, mushrooms and artichokes, or Pork Green Chili.

Tues.03/31 Chicken Enchilada Roll ups:

House made 2  chicken enchilada roll ups, with our homemade enchilada sauce, and smothered in Monterey Jack cheese, salsa and sour cream on the side.  Just $7.95  Today’s Soups: Veggie broth w/spinach leaves, mushrooms and artichokes, Cream of Turkey w/wild rice, Roasted Tomato w/kale, or Pork green chili.

Mon.03/30 Happy Salad Monday! Mandarin Pasta Spinach Salad:

Mandarin Pasta Spinach Salad with Teriyaki Dressing – Creme De La Crumb

Baby spinach leaves, tossed with mandarin oranges, toasted pine nuts, grape tomatoes and dried cranberries, served with our homemade teriyaki  vinaigrette dressing on the side.  Just $7.25  add chicken for just a buck!  Today’s Soups: Cream of Turkey w/wild rice, Roasted Tomato w/kale, or Pork green chili.

Fri.03/27 Fish Tacos are Back:

Two Beer battered cod fillets rolled in a soft tortilla shell, served with a side of our homemade coleslaw mixed with a mild Roasted Pineapple Habanero sauce from our friends next door at “The Savory Pantry”  Just$7.95.  Today’s Soups: Chicken Vegetable w/cheese tortellini, Beef Vegetable, Southwestern Black Bean, or Vegetarian Roasted Tomato w/kale

Wed.03/26 Tender roast beef and Crumbled bleu over Greens:

Our house cooked rare roast beef, shaved over spring mix greens, crumbled blue cheese, grape tomatoes, and cucumbers.  Served with our house balsamic vinaigrette on the side.  Just $7.95  Today’s Soups: Southwestern Black Bean, Chicken Vegetable w/cheese tortellini, Not to Spicy Beef Vegetable.

Wed.03/24 Long Island Favorite! Greek style Chicken Gyros:

Our boneless breast of chicken roasted and shredded, homemade Tzatziki sauce, diced fresh tomatoes, and chopped romaine lettuce, served on Greek Naan bread.  Just $7.95  Today’s Soups: Chicken Vegetable w/cheese tortellini, Spicy Beef, Tuscan Chicken w/small shell pasta, Manhattan Clam Chowder.

Tues.03/24 Hot Open face Roast Beef Sandwich:

House cooked roast beef served open faced on sour-dough bread topped with a beef mushroom gravy and a side crispy french fries.  Just $8.25  Today’s Soups: Spicy Beef, Manhattan Clam Chowder, Tuscan Chicken w/small shell pasta.

Mon.03/23 Apple Pecan Cranberry Salad:

Our house blend of Romaine, Spring , and baby spinach leaves, topped with toasted pecans, slices of Granny Smith and Red Delicious apples, dried cranberries, and crumbled goat cheese, served with our homemade cider vinaigrette dressing on the side.  Just $7.25 add chicken for just a buck.  Today’s Soups: Tuscan Chicken w/small shell pasta, Manhattan Clam Chowder, or Cheesy Broccoli.

Fri.03/20 Pan Seared Tuna steak over Mesclun Greens:

Marinated Tuna Steak pan seared topped with a balsamic reduction, served over mesclun greens with grape tomatoes, and cucumbers and a side of our homemade balsamic dressing.  Just $8.25  Today’s Soups: Creamy cheesy Broccoli, White bean and Kale, or Manhattan Clam Chowder.

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