Wed.07/23 Cool Cucumber and Herbed Cream cheese Sandwich:

Back by request Crisp slices of cucumber, Romaine lettuce and fresh herbed  sundried tomato cream cheese, on sour-dough bread.  Just $6.95  Today’s Soups: Cool Cucumber Soup, or Chicken Vegetable w/cheese tortellini.

Tues.07/22 Famous Homemade Chicken Cutlet over Greens:

House prepared  lightly breaded chicken cutlet, pan fried, served over our garden salad with homemade honey mustard dressing on the side.  Just $7.95  Today’s Soups: White Bean and Kale, Manhattan Clam Chowder, Chicken Vegetable w/cheese tortellini

Mon.07/21 Toasted Pecan Spinach Salad:

Baby spinach leaves, toasted pecans, avocado, sundried tomatoes, crumbled blue cheese, mushrooms, croutons and dried cranberries, served with our house balsamic dressing on the side.  Just $8.25  Today’s Soups: Manhattan Clam Chowder, White Bean and Kale, Carrot Ginger Bisque.

Fri.07/18 Something New! Homemade Tomato Pie:

A Central New York Favorite Homemade Tomato Pie very simple Silician style square piece of Pizza topped with our homemade pizza sauce baked with parmesan cheese, and topped with grated parmesan after it comes out of the oven. A generous size piece and a side green salad with choice of dressing.  Just $6.95

Thurs.07/17 Spicy Black Bean Veggie Burger Sandwich:

Grilled black bean veggie burger, topped with lettuce, tomato, garlic aioli spread, and if you dare Ghost Pepper cheese! or a mild cheese if you choose, served on a toasted pretzel roll.  Just $8.25  Today’s Soups:  Carrot Ginger Bisque,  or Mushroom Barley.

Wed.07/16 Homemade Spinach Pie (Quiche) and Side Salad:

Our famous homemade Loaded Spinach and Cheddar Quiche and a side salad with our light Vadalia Onion dressing on the side.  Just $7.95  Today’s Soups: Lemon Chicken w/rice, or Mushroom Barley.

Tues.07/15 Italian Mix Sandwich:

Rotisserie smoked turkey breast, Baked Ham, Genoa Salami, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion and Italian dressing.  Served on your choice of bread  Just $8.25  Today’s Soups: Vegetarian Mushroom Barley, Buffalo Chicken Dip soup, Gazpacho.

Mon.07/14 Blackened Chicken Breast over greens:

House grilled blackened chicken breast, served over mixed greens salad with our homemade Avocado ranch dressing on the side.  Just $7.95  Today’s Soups: Buffalo Chicken dip soup, Chicken Vegetable w/pasta, or Gazpacho.

Fri.07/11 Poached Pear Salad:

House poached pears, served over spring mix greens with toasted whole walnuts, crumbled Goat cheese, and our homemade light yogurt based dressing on the side.  Just $7.25

Today’s Soups: Chicken “N” Ditilini Pasta, or Gazpacho.

Thurs. 7/10 Cucumber and Cream Cheese Sandwich

Crisp Cucumbers layered on herbed cream cheese with ripe tomatoes and baby spinach leaves served on soft sour-dough bread……Just $6.95 add bacon for just $1.25 more.

Today Soups:   Cream of Turkey with Wild Rice or Gazpacho.


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